Think Global,
Eat Local and Seasonal

The UOC is organizing the Right to Food Week 2017
from 27 November to 3 December.

There will be seven days of activities that look to highlight the advantages
of consuming local and seasonal produce in terms of our health
and our contribution to a more sustainable world.

Right to Food Week 2017

What do we mean when we talk about local and seasonal produce? Do you know where what you eat comes from? What impact can our decisions as consumers have on the planet?
The UOC is organizing seven days of activities focusing on local produce. Over the week, we will discover the importance of knowing where the food we eat comes from, the resources needed to get it from the field to the fork or when is the best time to buy certain produce.
The Right to Food Week 2017 promotes sustainable and responsible consumption of food, and prioritizes local and seasonal produce. Once again, the UOC is showing its commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the twelfth goal to “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

Organized by: the UOC’s Faculty of Health Sciences and the UOC’s Globalization and Cooperation department

Ideas to promote local and seasonal food

Programme of activities

Seasonal food calendar

Prioritizing local and seasonal foods helps the sustainability of the planet and also your health. The UOC has designed a calendar of seasonal products (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish).


Seasonal and local food Dossier

Are you curious to find out more about seasonal and local food? The UOC Library’s Learning Services has prepared a dossier so that you can read about these issues.