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Between 26 November and 2 December,
the UOC is hosting the 2018 Right to Food Week.
The week’s activities will promote the rediscovery of traditional and local cuisine from every region to ensure food sovereignty and greater sustainability.

2018 Right to food week

By choosing to eat the set lunch in a local restaurant or by planning weekly meals with traditional recipes, we are reaffirming our culinary identity and contributing to economic and cultural development.
Keeping culinary traditions of different places alive fosters more responsible consumption using typical, local and seasonal food. Consequently, between 26 November and 2 December, the UOC will devote the 2018 Right to Food Week to discovering what traditional cooking is and why local cuisine is so important for sustainability.
We urge you to rediscover your area’s typical dishes, which means consuming regional, fresh and seasonal products. This way, we defend local agricultural and livestock production while contributing to the sustainability of the planet.
The UOC is contributing to the United Nations’ goals for transforming the world by promoting the twelfth goal, which seeks to ensure sustainable consumption and production, as well as the goals of protecting underwater life and terrestrial ecosystems.

Organizers: the UOC Faculty of Health Sciences, the UNESCO Chair on Food, Culture and Development and Globalization and Cooperation.

2018 Right to Food Week

Sustainability, local cuisine and culture



Eating local and seasonal food Dossier

Are you curious to find out more about seasonal and local food? The UOC Library’s Learning Services has prepared a dossier so that you can read about these issues.


Seasonal food calendar

Prioritizing local and seasonal foods helps the sustainability of the planet and also your health. The UOC has designed a calendar of seasonal products (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish).


Healthy and sustainable menu

Reducing the consumption of meat and prioritizing foods of vegetable origin and locally-sourced and seasonal produce helps make the planet more sustainable. The UOC has designed a healthy and sustainable menu.